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Gravelines Guitar Mods specialise in all aspects of electric guitar (and bass) modification, electronics, repairs & customisations.

There's not a lot we can't do;
Active work
Kill switches
Coil taps
Fernandes Sustainers
Complete re-wires
Pickup/part installs
Full custom work/wiring
Neck work
Liberator systems
Push/Pull volumes and tones
Set ups
Stereo jacks
Re stringing
& any experiments you want to try out!

We can also do some cosmetic work on guitars and also some repairs to amplifiers & FX pedals.

Since we started in Summer 2011, some of the most interesting jobs have included building a custom Fender Telecaster from scratch (opposite). 
We set up a hand built, one-of-a-kind fretless bass and also did some electrical repairs to an active 5 string Vester.
A favourite would have been wiring one of our own Telecasters the same way they did it way back in '52, with a pickup blender instead of a tone control.
Check out the photos below!

Think you might have a crazy idea or a complete custom job dream you want to put into reality? GGM are your boys!

 Heres a few pictures of some work we've already done, hover to see a description or click to enlarge:

35 Portland Place, Frome, Somerset BA11 4LT // 07800 878052 //

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